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Vision to Victory

From Overwhelm to Opportunity for Business Owners and Sales Leaders

Embrace Your Path to Clarity and Confidence

Join us in Flatbush for an extraordinary day where your struggles will be transformed into stepping stones for success.

About the Event

In a world where business owners and sales leaders often feel overwhelmed and alone, "Vision to Victory" offers a sanctuary of support and guidance. This event is more than a learning opportunity; it's a lifeline for anyone grappling with choosing a direction, needing encouragement, and feeling isolated in their roles.

Success Stories: From Challenge to Triumph

  • From Overwhelm to Clarity: Discover how a struggling entrepreneur found direction and purpose, leading to unprecedented growth.

  • Sales Transformed: Hear how a sales team went from frustration to celebrating record-breaking sales, all through a shift in strategy and mindset.

  • Loneliness to Leadership: Learn about the journey of a business owner who felt isolated but found strength and community, propelling their business to new heights.

Together we will create your roadmap to business success and transformation!

Empowerment Awaits You

  • Overcoming Overwhelm: We understand the challenges and pressures you face. Here, find the support and strategies to rise above them.
  • Clear Direction and Strategy: Bid farewell to confusion. Embrace a newfound clarity and a strategic path to success.
  • Community of Support: You're not alone. Join a group of like-minded professionals who are on the same journey as you.

Why "Vision to Victory"?

At "Vision to Victory," we believe with Hashem's help, every challenge is surmountable, every goal achievable. This event is your opportunity to unlock the potential within, to generate leads, drive sales, and confidently step into a future brimming with success.

Invest to create your best year ever
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For less than an intake assessment session, you get an entire day of goodies and a support team setting you up for years of success. This investment is the first step towards making this your best year yet.

Your Guide: Rabbi Ezra Max

Rabbi Ezra Max understands the weight of responsibility on your shoulders – the bills, the payroll, the relentless need for you to be a success. With over 25 years of experience in business, coaching, leadership development and more, he has been the beacon of hope for many, guiding them through chaos to a place of clarity, confidence, and triumph.